Monday, 4 February 2013

Catch up with all the adverts from Super Bowl 2013

Last night's main event wasn't the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers. It wasn't the powercut at the Superdome or Flacco's incredible throws. It was Beyoncé's performance, and the brief return of Destiny's Child.

Yet the constant flow of adverts - over 60 during the entire event - have become a tradition of the Super Bowl event. Indeed, advertising spots during the Super Bowl are hugely expensive, simply because of the incredibly large audience. Perhaps Beyoncé's own performance is deemed an advertisement for herself, especially since no artist gets paid for performing at the Super Bowl.

This year's crop of companies advertising at the Super Bowl range from the more typical Pepsi, Coca Cola, Subway and Budweiser to Soda Stream, which allows you to make your own fizzy drinks, Taco Bell, whose advert was particularly good, Got Milk, where Dwayne Johnson ran after a milk truck and ... well, I'll stop ruining the surprise for you now. I was particularly impressed with Oreo's marketing team, who released this advert on Twitter when the floodlights went out.

Here are all the best adverts from last night's Super Bowl. Enjoy:

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